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Scottish Scarves

Scottish Tartan Scarves

  • Length 175 cm including the Spun fringe on both ends or the scarf.
  • Width 24 cm.
  • The scarves are made in Scotland, the composition of the scarf is 100% Lambswool.
  • The scarves have a Scottish Tartans Authority “Trademark” approval, this confirms the Clan design is authentic.
  • I am dealing with the owner of this company in Glasgow.

Our Scottish Scarf Range

  • Anderson
  • Bannockburn Navy modern
  • Black Watch
  • Bell of Borders
  • Burns Check
  • Cameron Modern
  • Cameron of Erracht
  • Campbell Ancient
  • Cornish
  • Cunningham Modern
  • Earl of St Andrews Modern
  • Edinburgh
  • Fraser Modern
  • Flower of Scotland
  • Glasgow
  • Gordon Dress Modern
  • Kerr Modern
  • Keith Modern
  • Lindsay Modern
  • Maclean Old Modern
  • Macmillan Old Modern
  • Maclean Duart Modern
  • MacDougal Modern
  • Macinnes Modern
  • Macleod Harris Ancient Modern
  • Macleod Lewis Modern
  • MacDonald Clan Ancient
  • MacPherson Modern
  • Murray Athol Modern
  • Mackenzie Modern
  • Moffat Modern
  • Nova Scotia
  • Robertson Modern
  • Stewart Muted Blue Weatherd
  • Stewart Royal Modern
  • Stewart Camel Modern
  • Stewart Black Modern
  • Sinclair Red
  • Thomson Blue
  • Thomson Grey Modern
  • Thomson Modern
  • Wallace Modern
  • Wilson Ancient

The origins of tartan may well be shrouded in mystery with some claims that it was first recorded in China, thousands of years ago, but today there is little doubt that tartan is almost exclusively associated with Scotland. Centuries ago, when Scotland was a tribal country, local tribes or clans, developed their own particular tartan so that friends, strangers – and possible enemies could be readily identified.

Today the numerous styles of tartan that are encountered still have associations with individual Scottish clans but are mostly only worn in ceremonial circumstances – and importantly, there are no objections to non-clan members wearing their tartan!

At the Geelong Blanket Company we supply authentic tartan scarves, imported directly from Scotland with many clan tartans faithfully reproduced. These tartan plaid scarves are manufactured from pure lambswool, a fabric that is highly regarded for its ability to insulate against the cold, whilst remaining both lightweight and comfortable. For many however, lambswool tartan scarves are not just soft and delicate to the touch but make a bold fashion statement. With the wide variety of colours and colour combinations, featuring reds, blues, yellows and greens that tartan offers, you are sure to be able to find one or more design that perfectly complements your own style and favourite colours.

Our scarves measure 175 cm by 24 cm and all carry the Scottish Tartan Authority Trademark, so you can be sure that when you purchase your tartan scarves online from The Geelong Blanket Company that they are indeed 100% authentic.

Scottish Scarves